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Flexible stone

flexible stone

Flexible brick

Flexible brick

Delap company offers its customers to buy a new and unique material for facades and interiors — a flexible brick.

Flexible brick is thickness 0.15 in (4 mm). The composition of the thin brick — a crushed marble from Italy. Brick easy to install, it can be applied to any surface, as well as for internal and external angles.

The facade of the house or building with flexible brick Delap difficult to distinguish from the real brick masonry.

Flexible brick released size 2,87×9.56 in (73×243 mm) and in 4 different colors.

Weight brick 10 square feet — 8,81 lb (4 kg).

At customer’s request can be made flexible brick as single color and mixed, the ratio of ½ or 1/3 colors.

Installation of flexible brick facade does not take much time. Brick cut with scissors or a knife wallpapering.

On each brick has protective paper. It protects when grouting the seams and from dirt.

Your home will be unique with flexible brick.