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Flexible stone

flexible stone

Flexible Stone

Flexible Stone

Have you ever could imagine that the stone can be flexible? It sounds absurd, but in the world, there are more and more technologies to make new unique products.

Yes, there is a flexible stone and each year gaining more customers. Thanks to new technology, processing marble and the use of the acrylic resin dispersion can be obtain flexible natural stone.

Flexible stone gives a unique style, personality and character to your home.

The use of different structures such as flexible stone ragged, wild and brick, will give a unique look to any wall inside and outside.

If we talk about applications of flexible stone, it is wide enough. Due to the flexibility, the stone mounted on any uneven surface on the corners and columns. Flexible stone can be used for the fireplace.

Installation of flexible stone is quite simple. For installation is necessary glue for laying stone and ceramic tiles and scissors.

And the single most important advantage, which features a flexible stone Delap from all manufacturers it is special protective paper. When you make installation and overwrites the seams, the paper serves as a protection from unnecessary glue, dirt and dust. Now you do not have to do almost jewelry work for mashing seams.  Now you have protective paper!

It is worth noting that the material for installation of the tile requires a small consumption of glue is only 5.51 lb per 10 sq.ft. , in contrast, the artificial stone 13 lb  per 10 sq.ft.

We are pleased to introduce to you a flexible range of natural stone marble chips from Italy.

Flexible stone - flexible approach to your home.