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Flexible stone

flexible stone

Flexible tile

Flexible tile

Flexible tile — a modern high-tech material, which opens in the implementation of the most unusual design ideas opportunities in the interiors and facades of buildings. The main products DELAP — flexible tiles made of natural marble chips. The binder serves aqueous acrylic dispersion. Tiles of marble chips have a particle size of 0.03-0.11 in.

Flexible tile has a thickness of 0,15 in. It is easier to work with her than with conventional ceramic tiles traditional, brick or stone.

This material is easy to fit, has good efficiency at the expense of waste-free use, aesthetics, durability, wide range of applications.

There are three textures: a field stone, brick, rubble stone. Twelve colors. Due to its high frost resistance and excellent resistance to moisture, this material is suitable as for facade and interior.

Where can I apply a flexible tile?

Showcase, arch, stairs, entrance hall, dining area, winter garden, bar, reconstruction or direct construction of public and residential buildings and buildings

Features flexible tiles

Color fastness, moisture resistance, frost resistance, UV resistant, the ability to wash, uniform thickness, flexibility, the ability to install a right angle, the ability to cut with scissors, the ability to install on thermo panel, ease.