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Flexible stone

flexible stone

A Flexible Brick? You won't believe it!

A Flexible Brick? You won't believe it!

Technologies are constantly advancing, offering more and more new developments and materials for cladding buildings.

The Flexible Brick is now available on the market, consisting of marble chips and acrylic resin. Marble is the second most durable natural mineral, after diamonds. Acrylic resin is used in the construction of yachts and aircraft parts. These two materials combined produce a high quality material for cladding façades of houses and buildings with at least 50 years of service life. The Flexible Brick is not only elastic, but also lightweight so that the façade is not burdened with a heavy load. The Flexible Brick can be installed on any uneven surface, as well as square corners and pillars. And most interestingly, the Flexible Brick can be cut with scissors!

The Flexible Brick solves many problems simultaneously: it does not require any component parts, it is lightweight, which cuts logistical costs, it requires very little tile adhesive, it has a protective coating for troweling, it is simple to install, its application does not produce any waste products, and it is ultra-violet resistant.