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Return and Exchange Policy

Set out below is the return and exchange policy for Delap Flexible Stone and accompanying Delap products such as Delap Flexible Tile and Delap Flexible Brick, which are distributed by Delap Flexible Stone LLC in the USA via our official websites —,, and — and via retail outlets.

The exchange and return policy may vary for each product and applies only to products purchased in the USA or from authorized distributors. Information about products purchased outside of the U. S. may be obtained from the representative office in the country of purchase.

The following conditions are to be observed at all times:

  • Check all Delap products for color, composition, quantity, and quality upon receipt.
  • The color of marble chips used for tiles may differ from the samples displayed in our offices or by authorized distributors. Since marble chips are natural material, their color varies depending on the depth at which the marble is quarried.
  • The shade of marble tiles differs from batch to batch. Since marble chips are natural material without artificial coloring, their color varies depending on the depth at which the marble is quarried.
  • The actual color of marble chips may differ from that displayed online or in printed documents, due to rendering or printing quality variations.
  • The distribution and number of colors in marble chips may also vary within one batch, since chips are distributed randomly. As such, the product has a unique and one-of-a-kind texture that only natural stone can provide.
  • Only products purchased from Delap Flexible Stone LLC may be exchanged or returned. In order to return or exchange products purchased from an authorized distributor or other dealer, please contact the distributor or dealer in question.
  • Always allow a 10-20% surplus when ordering the product. This is your fallback supply. You may run out of material during construction and if it is not available in stock in the U. S., you will have to wait for the next delivery. The shade of marble tiles may differ from batch to batch. Since marble chip is natural material without artificial coloring, its color varies depending on the depth at which the marble is quarried.

Return policy

  1. Once the product has been fitted it may no longer be returned or exchanged.
  2. The product may be returned within 15 days provided it has not been used, the packaging is intact and you can provide the receipt.
  3. If you do not have the receipt, no return or exchange is possible.
  4. When returning a product, all 16 tile sheets must still be in the box and all must be as good as new. The protective film around each tile must be intact. If tile sheets are missing or if the protective film is missing, no return or exchange of the product is possible under any circumstances.
  5. The tiles must be intact, with no visible damage or cracks. Once the tiles have been damaged, they may not be returned or exchanged under any circumstances.

If all of the above conditions are satisfied by the customer, Delap Flexible Stone LLC will refund the full value of the returned product or replace it with a similar product. Any taxes, fees or duties paid upon shipping and delivery of the product shall not be refunded. If the returned product is not in an acceptable condition, the customer shall be duly informed of this. The product may be shipped back to the customer if he or she agrees to this, in which case Delap Flexible Stone LLC will not bear any of the associated costs. If the customer declines to have, the product sent back, Delap Flexible Stone LLC reserves the right to retain the product without issuing any further refund.

Delivery of returned products

You may select a courier service for return delivery of your product or pick it up yourself; all products are shipped at the customer’s expense. Make sure you have enclosed all the documents required for the return delivery. Fill them out carefully and double-check the return address. Delap Flexible Stone LLC will not be held liable for any delays. It is strongly recommended that you choose your courier carefully; making sure you can track your delivery at all times. Make sure that your chosen shipping method guarantees that the product will be returned within fifteen (15) days of you receiving the order.

Terms for the issuing of refunds

On receiving a returned product, Delap Flexible Stone LLC will inspect it for eligibility and send an e-mail notification that the returned product has been accepted. Delap Flexible Stone LLC will either refund the cost of the product or replace it, depending on your preference. Regardless of your payment method (credit/debit card), Delap Flexible Stone LLC will start the refund procedure within thirty (30) days of receiving notice about your intention to return the product and after duly checking that the product is returned in a way that complies with all of the above terms.

The time for issuing the refund depends on the payment method chosen

For payment by credit/debit cards: the time taken to issue the refund will depend on the policy of the bank that issued the card.

Manufacturer is labeling

All products delivered by Delap Flexible Stone LLC are labeled by the manufacturer. This label is not to be torn off. No product that is returned without this label or seal can be accepted.


The product warranties shall be valid as long as the terms of surface preparation and the guidelines for installation have been observed.

By reading this policy bill payment, you fully accept the terms thereof.